Let's Bridge the Exponential Gap!A conversation with Azeem Azhar about the Exponential Age, the Exponential Gap, techno-optimism v. pessimism, and the process of writing a book.
What We Can Learn From the Dutch Cycling ModelA conversation with Chris Bruntlett about the Dutch cycling model, urban mobility, bike lanes, and the impact of the pandemic on cities.
How Do We Make Work Better?A conversation with Roy Bahat about being a VC focused on the future of work, making work better, the skills of the future, and cultural differences
The New Palo Alto Is in EuropeA conversation with Saul Klein about tech entrepreneurship is in Europe, why London & Paris together are Europe's Palo Alto, and why we need a new…
No Future of Work without EmpathyA conversation with Sophie Wade about the future of work, the impact of the pandemic, the "hybrid" workspace, leadership and empathy
Cosmopolitanism in the 21st CenturyA conversation with Simon Kuper about life in Paris, building bridges across cultures, family nomadism, football economics and "The Happy Traitor"
Inflection Points in Finance & TechnologyA conversation with Byrne Hobart about entrepreneurship, hedge funds, the US financial system, economic development, and many other things
How Innovation WorksA conversation with Anton Howes about inventors, the Industrial Revolution and the role of institutions to support innovation
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